Why Do I need An Elevation Certificate?

Floods mean rising water, and knowing your building’s elevation compared to the estimated height floodwaters will reach in a major flood helps determine your flood risk and the cost of your flood insurance.

Only a licensed professional land surveyor can provide you with the properly filled out Elevation Certificate (EC) that you need to ensure your property is protected and insured at the lowest possible rate.

You may not need an elevation certificate to save on your flood insurance. If you are eligible for a private flood insurance company, you will receive discounted rates without the requirement of an elevation certificate. Find Out if you Qualify for a Private Flood Insurance Policy.

elevation certificate

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Using our nationwide licensed surveyor network is a quick and easy process that can be completed in 3 simple steps:


• Order online, review your services with one of our professionals, and recieve a confirmation today!


• Our state-licensed professional land surveyors will arrive at the property address provided during the online ordering process, and measure the property to 1/10 foot accuracy in compliance with FEMA guidelines.


• Our certified floodplain managers will review each Elevation Certificate before it is approved for release to ensure that it is 100% accurate the very first time.

• We will also complete a complimentary F.R.E.™ Flood Risk Evaluation report, and digitally deliver the completed package to the email address provided for the fastest service possible.


The Flood Risk Evaluator™ (F.R.E.) is a team of Certified Floodplain Managers dedicated to reviewing Elevation Certificates ans Current Flood Insurance Policies for inaccuracies, in order to assist home and business owners secure the lowest possible premiums.

On average, customers who allow the F.R.E. team to review their documentation, are able to save 83% on their current NFIP insurance policy rates.

Find Out if you Qualify for a Private Flood Insurance Policy.


Analysis of your flood insurance policy to
expose errors that may be causing you
unnecessary expense.


Ways to modify conditions in your home or
building to reduce flood insurance costs.


A complete F.R.E. Flood risk report
enclosed with a no obligation
flood insurance quote through flood insurance
experts, risk reduction plus group™,
based on the report's recommendations.



  • "Through F.R.E., our premium went from $2,038/year to $511/year! That’s a 75% reduction! We even received a refund check from our Insurance Agent for the difference in premium since we paid up-front for the year. We’re thankful for F.R.E.’s mitigation recommendations as just a few months later we got flooded and the Smart Vents that we installed performed flawlessly and saved our home from collapsing."

    Rob & JOHANNA Wagner Homeowner | Peoria, IL
  • "Tom Little has gone above and beyond the term 'customer service' with us. We were unaware of the changes that FEMA was making to Homeowners. After we obtained our Elevation Certificate, Tom and his team reviewed our Certificate and informed us of the changes we needed to make and flood vents to be added to make our home complaint with FEMA. He even contacted our Surveyor to help us get a better understanding. After we made the necessary changes and the flood vents were added to our foundation, we submitted an updated Elevation Certificate to our Insurance Provider. Our premium went from $2,357 a year to $458 a year. Huge savings! Now we can sit and enjoy our beautiful river home even more. We would recommend the Flood Risk Evaluator Service to anyone paying a high flood insurance premium."

    Jeanette & Zach Richards Homeowners | Davenport, IA
  • "We are already enjoying our savings going on 3 years now. We have three insurances here in the Florida Keys, wind, flood and homeowners. Our original quote for flood insurance alone in 2014 was $3,250/year WITHOUT the Smart Vents. WITH Smart Vents it went cascading down to $450/year! Yes, that is a correct figure of what we pay.

    In 2014, we paid $1,250 for the Smart Vents we needed then added the $450/year for the first years flood insurance, we saved $1,400 that first year alone!!! Keep in mind, in the 3 years we have been living here in the Florida Keys, we saved $8,400 in flood insurance alone, sweet huh??? We are extremely happy!!!"

    Lyle & Christine Mushinski Homeowners | Duck Key, (Florida Keys) Florida