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If you need a flood insurance policy or lower policy rates, you need an Elevation Certificate. Get a free quote with no obligation anywhere in the US from our national network of professional state-licensed land surveyors. Looking for a Flood Insurance Quote? Visit www.riskreductionplus.com.

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Confused About Elevation Certificates?

Do I have to lift my home?

An Elevation Certificate does not mean that you have to lift your home. An Elevation Certificate simply shows data about your home including elevations of different floor levels, size of enclosures, type of home, flood zone and Base Flood Elevation (BFE) determinations, etc.

Will my premium increase?

If you are paying for flood insurance and do not have one, then you are most likely paying an inflated premium. For an insurance agency to know the true risk of your home, you must obtain an Elevation Certificate. This will also lay out to road map for companies like the Flood Risk Evaluator to determine what mitigation solutions are available to you that will lower your premium. Note that obtaining an elevation certificate, will never increase your premium.

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